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Josh and Mike Greenfield make up the Brothers Green, a dynamic and brotherly love duo born out of the ranks of the Philadelphia suburbs. With no proper training, but simply through the drive of having a mom who was not a great cook, Josh and Mike began cooking at a young age and got all of their kitchen chops through practice, exploration, cookbooks and an obsession with all things food tv.

After graduating college in 2007 with a degree in Marketing (more of a degree in hanging out, playing music and learning to cook), Josh moved to Brooklyn with his band mates to pursue a life as a broke ass artist. Using food as a means to feed himself and friends, the word got out about his cooking skills and soon he was being hired to cook for parties of all shapes and sizes and teach cooking lessons throughout NYC.

It was around this time, and about 3 years after Josh’s arrival in Brooklyn, that Mike was getting ready to graduate college with a degree in Architecture. After finding his passion in cooking during a trip abroad to Australia, Mike decided to ditch his future career in architecture and spent his last year in college learning how to cook. Mike threw dinner parties for his friends and spent most of his “study” time experimenting in the kitchen. When Mike graduated he was ready to pursue his career in food and so Josh, in need of help of a growing cooking business, asked him to come help out. It was around that time that a friend of theirs with a degree at NYU Film School moved in with the brothers and began filming all of their cooking experiences. Over the next year, the Trio put together endless hours of cooking and musical shenanigans in their first series called YuNork.

They went on to co-create a film 2 seasons of the Brothers Green: Eats TV show on MTV international which aired in over 150 countries. They had the chance to travel around the world cooking for some of the top celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Enrique Iglesias, and Allesia Cara.

In 2014 the Brothers Created their own Youtube channel Called Brothers Green Eats which they have grown to over 1.1 million subscribers. hey continue to update their Youtube channel every week so make sure you head over to Brothers Green Eats to become apart of the expanding munchie takeover!

The Brothers have made national television appearances on the Rachael Ray show and Food Networks “Chopped” and host their own cooking show on their “Brothers Green Eats” Youtube Channel. While other cooking shows are trying to impress the high class foodie with exotic flavors and exclusive restaurants, the brothers have decided to focus on the common cook. The brothers cook for all ages, shapes and flavors and spend everyday working passionately to inspire those in need to get out there and connect to their ingredients, to connect to their friends and connect most importantly to themselves using food as the vehicle for exploring all of this.

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