Brothers Green

10 Recipes to Love Your Least Favorite Vegetables (Part 1)



1:49 : Caramelized Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
2-3 cups brussel sprouts, sliced in half
6-8 slices bacon
squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Chop bacon into bite-sized pieces, fry in a pan. Add brussel sprouts, salt, and pepper directly into bacon. Let brussel sprouts caramelize in rendered bacon fat. When cooking is done, add a squeeze lemon juice for freshness.

3:03 : Chinese Stir Fried Broccoli
garlic 2 tbs
ginger 2 tbs
1 head broccoli
vegetable oil
red chilis to taste
soy sauce (1-2 tbs)
water (2-4 tbs)
maple syrup or other sugar
squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Heat oil in wok, add broccoli, garlic, and ginger. Hit it with some chili flakes, soy sauce and then some water to help steam the broccoli. Drizzle with maple syrup; the a squeeze of lemon before serving.

4:07 : Zesty Sesame Cilantro Slaw
1/2 head cabbage, thinly sliced
generous handful cilantro
sprinkle of salt
2-3 tbs sesame seeds
juice of 1 lime or other acid
1/4c plain yogurt or other creamy base
Combine all ingredients and massage the dressing into the cabbage to break it down.

5:25 : Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower
1 head cauliflower
vegetable oil
salt, pepper
Toss on a baking sheet, roast on 450 for 30 minutes, flip halfway through cooking
Sauce :
Your favorite hot sauce
2 tbs butter
Combine butter and hot sauce in a pan, toss roasted cauliflower to coat. Garnish with chives.

6:42 : Thai Curried Eggplant
1 large eggplant cut into disks, the quartered
1 cup coconut milk
1-2 tbs curry paste
Sprinkle eggplant with salt and let sit 30 minutes. Drain juice, then rinse. Add to pan with hot oil, cook breifly, then add coconut milk and curry paste. Cover and reduce liquid; then serve.
Garnish with fresh mint