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The Korean Bibimbap Burger


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Korean Bibimbap Burger

short grain rice, rinsed

6:00 : Bulgogi Ground Beef Burger
garlic 1 clove
ginger 1 inch piece
2-3 green onions
asian pear, shredded finely (about 1/2 pear)
sesame seeds, a generous sprinkle
sesame oil 1-2 tbs
soy sauce 1-2 tbs
modest sprinkle white sugar
salt and pepper to taste
Mince all aromatics; grate asian pear and combine marinade with ground beef to form patties.

13:49 : Kimchi Mayo
In a food processor, pulse about 1/2 cup kimchi until broken down.
Add mayo until you reach you desired level of creaminess

15:30 : Quickest Pickle
1/2 cucumber, sliced thin
tsp soy sauce
tbs+ rice vinegar
sesame seeds
Combine all ingredients right on top of the cucumbers, then remove the cukes from the liquid and let them sit until ready to assemble.

20:00 : Shiitake Mushroom Garnish
Add 2-3 cups of chopped shiitake mushrooms to a hot pan with a neutral oil. When you’ve gotten a little color on them, add a drizzle of soy sauce.

23:16 : Rice Patties:
Oil, rice, mold, patience.

27:22 : Assembling the Masterpiece