Brothers Green

PB & J French Toast



1 Loaf Of Challah (But any good firm loaf will do)
Peanut Butter
Grape Jelly
Marshmallow Fluff
2 Eggs
Chocolate Sauce


1. Slice a piece of the challah bread, about 1 1/2 inches thick. Make a slit on the bottom side of the loaf about an inch thick and spread it open with out tearing it.

2. Stuff the slit with some peanut butter, jelly and marsh mellow fluff, stuff in as much or as little as you’d like but the more packed the better.

3. Beat two eggs in a bowl and dip the french toast in the eggs, making sure to coat all sides and allowing time for the bread to soak up the egg.

4. Heat a small frying pan over medium-high heat, add a little butter and cook on both sides until golden brown.

5. Take off the heat, slice in half and hit it with that special chocolate sauce that you love so much.